Refugees and migrants welcome. Here you will find a compilation of some information about your integration in Germany.

Basic Information

Learning German

In addition to the employment agency [Arbeitsagentur] and the community colleges [Volkshochschulen/VHS], you can learn German for free with Smartphone or PC:

Getting language help

On the webside, there are three multilingual worksheets with the major general, medical and legal terms.

Occupational Area

For different professional qualifications there are a number of different public authorities or civil services responsible.

  • Academic qualifications / Non-regulated university degrees
    The Statement of Comparability is an official document issued by the „Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen“ (Central Office for Foreign Education – ZAB) that describes the foreign higher education qualification, its professional and academic usage. KMK-ZAB Statement of Comparability
  • Regulated Academic Qualifications
    The recognition of certain academic professions, for example, Doctors, lawyers and professionals of the public sector, is very different. Take here the Recognition Finder

Job Exchange / Vacancy Database for Refugees

  • First job exchange for refugees and employers that open up opportunities: Workeer.

Study for Refugees

  • The Friedrich Ebert Foundation has conducted a survey among all relevant ministries of the federal states with the aim of as the university access to refugees in the individual provinces is governed. Click here for the article (in German).

Study without documents

  • A completely different approach the Kiron University in Berlin, which accommodates their study operating in October 2015th. The university promises each refugee a place of study without documents.